Oregon Disclaims ORS Copyright.

I attended a hearing today where the Oregon Legislative Counsel Committee voted unanimously to disclaim any future copyright claims on the Oregon Revised Statutes.

My prior post with background leading up to this decision is HERE.


Sunlight Foundation Picks Up on My Prior Highlighting of a YouTube Post.

The [highly recommended] Sunlight Foundation Blog, in a "Local Sunlight " post, picked up on one of my recent posts about a House Small Business Committee upload of a RESPA hearing onto YouTube.

This Sunlight Foundation Blog post, which includes other "Local Sunlight" examples can be found HERE.


Creative Open Government: U.S. House Committee Posts RESPA Hearing Video on YouTube.

The House Small Business Committee recently held a hearing on proposed HUD rules for the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, AKA "RESPA".

In addition to the usual posting of written testimony from various government and housing industry officials, the Committee has posted a number of videos on
YouTube of hearing testimony and question and answers HERE.

Staff took the time to break up a long video into a number of shorter videos to allow viewers to focus on speakers of interest. Kudos to the Committee and staff for their efforts in making the video of this hearing available to the public in a timely, easy to use fashion.

Below is one of the hearing videos featuring an official from the Center for Responsible Lending: